If it is time to change your vehicle's oil, you might have heard about the benefits of using synthetic oil.

Many oil brands are advertising their synthetic oil for use in the environment around Great Falls.

Properties of Synthetic Oil

Like all petroleum products, motor oil is refined from crude oil. Refining transforms the oil's molecular structure so that it provides lubrication to your vehicle's engine.

Synthetic oil further transforms those molecules into chemical compounds that provide similar lubricating properties.

For some engines, in some applications, synthetic oil is a better choice than conventional oil. However, in some applications, it is not.

How to Know If Synthetic Oil is For You

The best guidance you can follow when choosing a motor oil formulation is your manufacturer's recommendation.

At Lithia Subaru of Great Falls, we adhere to the manufacturer's specifications in all of our work, including oil changes.

When you are ready for an oil change, please consult our service team. They will be happy to help you select the correct oil for your engine.



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