The Subaru Impreza delivers speed, style, and interior space all in a well-designed compact vehicle. There's enough seating in the car for five people with seats that are made of comfortable materials. Front seats can move in multiple ways while still allowing for the best views of your surroundings.

Several features are base options in the Impreza including a detailed Infotainment center and automatic climate control. If you desire more space in your vehicle, then consider the hatchback design of the Impreza as the trunk is comparable to that of a small SUV.

Behind the wheel of the Impreza is 152 horsepower and four cylinders to deliver the power that you need while providing exceptional fuel efficiency as well. The all-wheel-drive feature of the car allows for easily navigating various road conditions. Lithia Subaru of Great Falls can offer options with the car that are available so that you can make the best decision about the one that you want to drive.


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