Buying a used car can be very tricky because you don’t always know the history of a vehicle. However, when you have a vehicle history report, you’ll be privy to everything that’s happened to the vehicle, including everyone who may have owned the vehicle and when. If you’re in need of a vehicle history report or want to learn how to read one, stop at Lithia Subaru of Great Falls.

The information found on a vehicle history report, which is obtained by police reports, insurance companies, repair documentation and state DMVs, includes the following:
• Any vehicle liens
• All previous owners of the vehicle
• Title history
• Accident history
• Odometer readings
• Lemon listing
• Odometer rollback alerts
• Safety options
• Reliability ratings

Vehicle history reports also indicate if the vehicle has been recalled due to a service issue. If you’ve been notified that your vehicle is under a recall order, come to our dealership in Great Falls so we can do the recall work for you.



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