Pets add so much enjoyment to our lives; it’s natural that we’d like to include them more often in our outings. Don’t let the thought of pet hair in your upholstery stop you from enjoying time out with your favorite creatures when all you need is a little preparation.

You can stop pet hair before it starts by giving them a quick brushing as you leave. Lay a pet pad made for cars across the seat or substitute it with a towel or blanket. Pet carriers are recommended for keeping your pet safely contained as you travel, and they’re also great for containing stray hairs in one place.

Vacuum any hairs you find, and if you can’t get them all, a pair of rubber gloves and water in a spray bottle can help. Use the bottle to wet the area, then rub along the fabric of your seats in one direction wearing the gloves. The hair will collect in clumps which you can discard.



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