The Basics of Backup Cameras

Using your vehicle's safety features properly helps you enhance the overall safety of your car, whether in motion, at rest or when parking. Backup cameras help you back up your car without overreaching, crashing or running something over. We here at Lithia Subaru of Great Falls think backup cameras are the most helpful new auto safety feature since forever. Here's why.

How a Backup Camera Works

On most vehicles, putting the car in reverse activates the backup camera. The camera is often mounted in the car's trim, discreetly tucked away. It lets you see the space behind your car, the image of which is projected onto a monitor often mounted in the cockpit or on the dash. Some backup camera monitors are integrated into the rearview mirror, albeit the transmitted image is smaller.

How a Backup Camera Helps You

The backup camera monitor has on-screen guiding lines to help you keep your car centered as you backup. Backup cameras on high-end vehicles even have night vision. Warning tones sound if you veer dangerously close to an object as you backup. Backup cameras seem highly technical but are quite simple and very nifty. Visit Lithia Subaru of Great Falls at your earliest convenience, and experience how a backup camera works during a test drive.



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