Lithia Subaru of Great Falls Has A Set of Rules For Avoiding Sliding On Ice

We at Lithia Subaru of Great Falls have put together a useful list of things that you can do to keep your car on the right track when ice has attacked those wheels. Unexpected things happen on the road, but how we respond to them makes the ultimate difference.

When you are chugging along the road and feel those back wheels starting to slide out in a certain direction, keep your hands firmly on that wheel and softly steer in the same direction.

Make sure you gently lift your foot off the accelerator so the car will naturally slow down. Let up off those brakes because applying them could have adverse sliding effects. Let the car wheels correct themselves. Make sure you stay level-minded when doing all of this because panicking is nobody's friend. When you visit our dealership in the city of Great Falls, we will inform you about additional things to do during a slide-out.



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