How Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors Work

Who knew that auto-dimming rearview mirrors could be so amazing to behold? In fact, the technology behind this popular feature in modern vehicles is also called an electrochromic mirror. There is a bit of smart technology used in these mirrors to make them work so well when driving at night.

Driving at night can sometimes be difficult if you have sensitivities to bright lights. Since these can be blinding to some drivers, then you can use an auto-dimming mirror that helps get rid of the "Troxler Effect," which is a period of up to 1.4 seconds that drivers could be blind for. If you're on the highway, this is extremely dangerous.

There are two sensors placed in a photodiode or camera that detects glare then changes your mirror to deflect it. Want to see cars available with this incredible auto-dimming feature? Stop by Lithia Subaru of Great Falls for more information.



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