Bike and Car Safety: Tips to Keep the Peace on the Road

Great Falls has bicyclists and car drivers on the road. This means they have to learn how to share the road. The following is a list of suggestions to help you drive safer around bicyclists.

3 Feet

One rule of thumb is to maintain a three-feet distance from bicyclists when you are passing them. This distance gives you and the bicyclists a sense of security, which is good for everyone.

No Tailgate

We are car lovers at Lithia Subaru of Great Falls, and one thing we know is that tailgating is not good. You do not want to tailgate other cars, and you do not want to tailgate bicyclists. Tailgating means less space to stop if you need to, and that could lead to an accident.

Tech Help

Many cars come with cameras and sensors. This technology can help you see what is around you. This can help reduce the chances that you might miss a bicyclist that is on the road with you.

Hopefully, some of these tips make you feel more comfortable as the number of bicyclists on the road continues to grow.



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