Understanding Your Alternator

Educating yourself about various engine parts helps you to be a more informed car owner and allows you to avoid large expenses by recognizing little issues before they become big problems.

While your battery gives your car the power it needs to start, it's the alternator that keeps it running and powers various components like headlights and door locks. It also performs the vital service of charging your battery as the car is running. A failing alternator may leave subtle clues at first, causing a brief hiccup in power, or its belt may make a screeching sound in the engine. Before long, your dashboard will probably light up with a notification to check your engine. It may sometimes be hard to tell if your battery or the alternator is the culprit behind your power issues.

Visit us at Lithia Subaru of Great Falls to have your alternator serviced. You can also ask our car care specialists any questions you may have about your engine.



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