Why Should a Driver Consider a Vehicle Alignment Service?

The alignment in your vehicle can easily get out of whack with the slightest impact. Hit a curb or drive into a pothole, and the tires will certainly not be in the same position they were.

Neglect getting the vehicle front end aligned and you'll feel it more each time you drive as your steering wheel begins to pull to one side harder and harder. If neglected, that pull turns into a vibration, and that means other components are getting loose and could fail eventually.

While the steering is making it harder to handle the car, the tire tread is starting to wear in uneven patterns. The wear is happening on the edge of the sides, exposing a thinner tread that could lead to failure and a blowout at any time.

If you need a vehicle alignment service, stop by Lithia Subaru of Great Falls today and we'll put you on a regular maintenance schedule.



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