Muffler & Exhaust Systems

Many people believe that mufflers are only needed to reduce noise levels. However, the part is also important for reducing the harmful gases that are released through the exhaust system. The entire system begins with the manifold, which connects to the engine's cylinder heads. Harmful emissions enter the manifold and are evaluated by the oxygen sensors. The catalytic converter then refines the gases, which then make their way through the muffler and tailpipe.

Due to normal wear and tear, road debris and weather conditions, any of these vehicle parts may fail. By evaluating the exhaust that exits from the rear of the vehicle, our Lithia Subaru of Great Falls technicians determine possible problems. However, most people typically do not have their system checked until noise levels increase when a muffler deteriorates. Keep environmental air clean and safe by having your vehicle's exhaust system checked periodically. Make an appointment with the Lithia Subaru of Great Falls service center today.

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