How to Jump Start Another Car More Easily

In order to jump-start one car by way of another, you'll need to make sure you have safety gloves, protective eye-wear, and a wire brush.
  • After the car noses are touching, open the hoods and clean the corrosion off the batteries if they have any signs of corrosion.
  • Place one of the red jumper cables on the negative battery first, then the good battery.
  • The black cables go to good battery first, then you take the last cable and place on a metal surface anywhere in the engine compartment of the car with the dead battery.
  • Start the one vehicle, wait a few minutes, start the other vehicle.
  • Once the car starts, you can take the jumper cables off in the reverse direction and then get the car to a service center.
Don't let another season pass without bringing your vehicle to the service center at Lithia Subaru of Great Falls for a full inspection and servicing.



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